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Is it illegal for your employer to fire you for your religious beliefs? What if you're fired because you're pregnant or fall seriously ill? The answer is yes! As an employee, you have rights. If you feel as though your rights are being threatened, it's time to call Abel F Bruce, attorney at law.

Protect Your Employment Rights Today

Many employees do not know their rights, leading to unlawful or illegal termination for millions of people every year. If you feel as though your boss is discriminating against you or has fired you for a questionable reason, you may be a victim of illegal employment activities.

When you need help, call Abel F Bruce, and put an experienced, educated lawyer on your case.

Legal Defense for Any Situation

  • Illegal discrimination
  • Employer retaliation
  • Employment law violation
  • Illegal termination
  • Unemployment compensation

If you think you're facing illegal discrimination at your job, call us at
513-772-1045 to schedule a FREE consultation.

Get the employment protection you deserve with a lawyer who'll help you defend your rights!

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